Tetra Tower Plus


Release on September 30, 2023

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Tetra Tower Plus

JAN code      4970381703646
Manufacturer          Ensky

Tetra Tower Plus

It is a balance game where the block drawn on the card is placed on the swaying pedestal, and the person who breaks it first loses.

In addition to placing blocks on the cards, special cards are included to make the game even more exciting!

~ How to play ~
1. Prepare the pedestal and deck (tetra card).
2. Decide the order by rock-paper-scissors, etc., and start the game clockwise from the winner.
3. When your turn comes, turn over a card from the deck and place the block drawn on the card.
(In addition to putting blocks on cards, there are three types of cards that have effects that affect the game.)
4. Repeatedly in order, the person who breaks the block loses.

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