About my account

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t worry! Please send us a message and we will send new a new password and after you will be able to change it inside your account.

I can’t found my country/state/province inside the shipping address?

Perhpas for this moment we can’t ship to your country/State/province, or we didn’t set your address in our system. Please send us a message so we can give you more details.

About products

Do you have a physical shop?

No, we sell only online.

I want to buy a stock product and a pre order product?

It’s not possible in one single order. All pre order products will be pay after the release. So you will have to make two separate orders.

My product is broken, can I get a refund or a replacement?

It will depend of the product, but if you follow our terms & conditions of sale it should not be a problem. Please contact us soon as possible.

About orders

I wanted to change my delivery address, it is possible?

Yes, if you pre order is unpaid.

Yes, if your order/ pre order is not yet with the status processing /pending payment. We still can change the shipping address. But the shipping address have to be the same on the shipping address you indicate for the payment. If is not the same we won’t update the shipping address.  

No, if you order is already with the status on hold or completed.

No, if you order is already shipped.

Can I have my order/pre order to another person?

No. Orders/pre orders unpaid or paid cannot be transferred.

Can I cancel my order/pre order?

Yes, if the order still not have the status on hold or completed.

Yes, if the pre order is not yet paid.

For other case, please contact us to know if we can make an exception depending of your order/ pre order.

Can I combine or merge my orders/pre orders?

No, that will not be possible.

About our stock

The product I want is not available, will you re stock it?

If the product you want appear like a product in stock, if we can have a new stock we will make it available again, if not it will stay out of stock.
If the product you want is a pre order product, you will have to wait until the release date, after surely it will be again available.

About payment

How can I pay my order/pre order?

Immediate payment for order with a stock product.

Pay later is for only pre order product.

Can I pay in my currency?

Yes, you can pay in currency when you making your payment. If not, you will have to pay japanese yen.

I paid two times, what should I do?

Please contact us, so we will refund one payment immediately.

The payment with my credit card has been declined?

In this case, please contact us soon as possible so we can check why your payment has been declined and give you soon as possible a solution.

About sales, promotions

I bought a product but after you put in sales. Can I get the refund of the difference?

No. We are sorry we cannot refund the difference.

The product in promotion is no longer available. Once you have a new stock, can i get the promotion price?

Yes, if it’s during the sales period.

No, if the sales period is over.

About shipping

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

How long does it take to process my order for shipping?

For order for only stock product, it takes 1-3 days (buisness day) to prepare and ship. In busy season, it may take more days.

For pre order products, it will depend when the product will be release. The shipment will be after the last pre order product will be released.

My parcel has been opened by customs. It’s possible to have an exchange or a compensation ?

No, some countries may require packages or products to be opened during customs checks.

We will not be able to compensate or exchange for items lost, seized or damaged during customs inspections.

About technical issues

I can’t pay my order/ pre order?

Please take screenshot/photo of the error you have on the website, and send us a message.

I made an order, but I can’t see any e-mails of confirmation, what should I do?

Please check inside your junk or spam folders. If is not there, please contact us.

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