Kumon no Kusukusu Notebook 3-5 Years Hiragana Book 3


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Kumon no Kusukusu Notebook 3-5 Years Hiragana Book 3

Learn the Japanese language while having fun, for young or adult  with the product Notebook 3-5 Years Hiragana.

Practice 46 characters in order that is easy to write in.

There are various reasons why you can learn Japanese.

If you are interested in the many Japanese cultural arts, there comes a time when knowing a few basics of the language becomes obvious. Knowing life in Japan helps to better understand the origins of these different arts.

Or maybe you are a fan of Japanese manga, anime or video games. Japan continues to produce them and many are not translated into your native language. Imports are the only way to take advantage of this, provided you can read them.

They are ultimately quite easy to read. Many are those for which the kanji are surmounted by their writing in furigana. If you know the kanas, you will be able to read them.

Or maybe learning Japanese will allow you to live a unique experience that will immerse you in the heart of Japanese culture. The Japanese who are very welcoming to foreigners who come and will be pleasantly surprised to find that you speak their language.

You will have the chance to have very enriching contacts and perhaps even forge very friendly friendships.

In addition, learning Japanese will allow you to watch Japanese videos in their original version and understand them better.

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We hope you will like your new Notebook 3-5 Years Hiragana Book 3 !

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