CSM Altering Limited Edition BANDAI


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CSM Altering Limited Edition BANDAI


Kamen Rider

JAN code      4549660586173
Manufacturer          BANDAI
Material PVC

CSM Altering Limited Edition BANDAI

This product CSM Altering BANDAI is from Kamen Rider.  In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of “Kamen Rider Agito”. The CSM Altering BANDAI is a transformation belt used by the main character Shoichi Tsugami (played by Toshiki Kashu).
Two infrared sensors are mounted on the waist of the main body, and when you take a transformation pose, the sensors react, and the transformation belt appearance sound and transformation standby sound are activated. You can play transformation by pressing the buttons on both hips.

In moehime-japantoys we really like this maker.

BANDAI respects every time the details of the characters very well, it is always with pleasure that we discover their products and that we like to share with all our customers or potential collectors the beauty of the toys, figures, goodies world.

When you say Japan, you have often in mind the words manga, anime, drama, video games. Japanese manga, anime, drama, have a gigantic success.

This great diffusion allowed the whole world to know the Japanese culture behind it. In manga, drama, anime, you can learn a lot about daily life, social life but also to know Japanese civilization.

Beyond the entertainment they offer, this can allow personal development. Playing video games amuses us.

For some players, it’s fun to compete against different opponents. The representation of figures, goodies, stuffed toys created by the manufacturer are sometimes breathtaking, it’s the character coming out of his game that comes to us. It’s why, on our online store you will be able to find all kinds of figures, objects of Japanese culture.

And we are very happy to share with you, our passion.

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